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The Next Chapter. 

We've partnered with The Community Foundation to establish a donor fund in order to purchase the building in which we are currently operating, housing the Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery on South J Street in Lake Worth Beach.

We have been given generous consideration from the building owners, who have agreed to a reasonable price for us to acquire the building. As a nonprofit with years invested in this community, we are incredibly grateful for this opporutnity to work with generous organizations, donors, and volunteers to help realize our mission and the  impact we envision for Lake Worth Beach and the surrounding community. But we can't do it without your help. 

You can help us rebuild the capacity we once had for artists, workshops, gallery space and community events, and invest in the long term health of our community by helping us to  establish in perpetutiy an affordable, accessible, community focused art institution that will remain accessible for years to come.  

Keep reading to learn more of our story, or if you're ready to help you can donate here

Mission. Vision. Impact. 

We at the Flamingo Clay Studio/ Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery are more than grateful for years of support from the Community Foundation.  We are a small non-profit artist cooperative with no paid workers but with a passion to build community though the arts.  


Before the pandemic hit, we had both our current building- our gallery- and a 4000 square foot studio of working artists. We had the participation of 80 artists with the use of both spaces, allowing us to offer workshops, studio space, and open the gallery space to events. Unfortunately, the studio building was sold, and we were forced to vacate.  We “shoved” the studio into the gallery – thus limiting the numbers of artists we could work with - and yet we've persisted.


Prior to the move, with more than 40 artists in the studio around the clock, we also held classes for children, teens, and adults.  We helped raise money through fundraisers for every community group that approached us.  We opened the gallery to our community for fundraising, events, and participation in city and local events. 


Our move into the gallery caused us to make some hard choices.  We chose to focus on our teens and have been giving them free art lessons, prior to and through the pandemic.  They, in exchange, contribute to the community through their service. Whether through their works, local outreach or peer development, we see the impact to teens who are engaged and invovled in cultural and creative activities. We have been funded for ten teens, but have never had less than twenty to work with.  


The Groelle Family Foundation contributions have allowed our teen programs to survive the pandemic and to come out of it on this side.  So many other arts and other businesses disappeared from out community - yet we persist, with these gracious contributions. 


Low-income artists have so few resources to contribute to this kind of a fund, but we do have the power, the energy and the will to build and support community, families and those who need us most.


You can help realize our vision in building a lasting, impactful community arts organization our children deserve. We are grateful for your generosity - please note, your donation is also tax deductible. 

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